What is SEM? - Search engine marketing

SEM is a form of Internet marketing involving the promotion of a website by increasing a website's overall visibility within search engine results pages, and is known as search engine marketing or SEM. 
Search engine marketing can be used with website advertisements generated for a specific market demographic, particularly through paid placements, inclusions and contextual advertising. The term also refers to the many ways to market a website, which may include search engine optimization.

Increase visability with SEM
Many webmasters use search engine marketing to market or advertise their websites through search engines like Google, all for the purpose of improving their web presence and gaining natural search engine results rankings. 
In fact, most search engine marketing techniques involve four different factors that makes a search engine marketing campaign successful.

  • Keyword analysis and exploration
    A three step process that helps index a website within a search engine. It mainly finds the most popular and relevant keywords associated with a website and/or its products, in turn, turning the keywords and information in a way that will generate traffic.

  • Website popularity and/or saturation
    A factor that measures how much presence a website has within a search engine. A website can also be analyzed through the amount of pages within the website itself that are indexed, in addition to its corresponding back links. Often, webmasters are required to include oft searched keywords, to ensure the possibility of ranking higher in a search engine results page.

  • Back-end tools
    The full spectrum of web analysis and HTML validation tools. These tools provide data about a particular website and its visitors, for the purpose of measuring its success. These tools range from simple stat counters and even what's known as page tagging, a technique that allows a webmaster to use JavaScript or another language to track user actions.

  • Who-Is tools
    Tools that help reveal the owners of any particular website. These tools are mainly used to get notable information regarding website-related copyright and trademark complications.

Most common SEM tools
Search engine marketing is also best used with an advertisement campaign, as an ad can potentially help a webmaster gain and/or retain traffic after implementing the campaign. Two types of advertising campaigns a webmaster can use include Pay Per Click advertisements and Pay For Inclusion advertising, both advertising venues utilizing direct search engine advertisements and direct web directory promotions.

Here are some of the advertisement tools/services you can use:

Follow the rules, and remain a good reputation
Before implementing search engine marketing into their marketing strategy, a webmaster should consider what works best for their site and follow the guidelines of the search engine they're targeting. 


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