Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is ignoring the Google guidelines
Black Hat SEO is a way to gain higher search rankings in a manner that is not ethical or suggested. This type of search engine optimization involves techniques that are against the rules, but still implemented by some. While Black Hat SEO allows you to gain an online presence it does so in a way that is detrimental to search engines and their users. Over the years, Search engines have picked up on these forbidden techniques.

Most use of Black Hat SEO is only working for a short time
Although this form of SEO used to be accepted it is now recognized and punished by search engines. Black Hat SEO became illegitimate after some went overboard with their tactics. Keyword stuffing is a crucial part of search engine optimization, but Black Hat SEO popularized lists of keywords rather than valuable information. Initially, this gave them high online rankings, but search engine spiders eventually caught on and started punishing these sites with less viewership. There are ways to incorporate keywords onto your website without using the Black Hat method.

Content created only for the Google bot
Other illegitimate methods included using invisible text. This technique had no valid use for viewers because they could not see the text. Invisible text involves listing keywords on white pages in a white color. This was a way to try to trick search engines into displaying the information high in rankings, however this method is no longer effective. Doorway pages is also a frowned upon method used in Black Hat SEO. This involves creating a fake page that doesn't exist to the viewers, for the purpose ranking the site higher within the search engine. These methods added nothing for online viewers and that led to this form of SEO becoming practically abolished.

Maybe an appealing technique
For some, Black Hat SEO is appealing because it will gain you an online presence for a short time. However, the benefits are not lasting and sites can even be punished for incorporating these unethical practices. In some instances sites can be banned altogether. The rewards of this form of search engine optimization are not worth the inevitable punishment. There are plenty of legitimate search engine optimization techniques that will allow you to grow your online presence within the rules. Taking shortcuts only has minimal benefits that will fade in time. In order to gain loyal viewership you must create original content that is useful and needed. Not all forms of search engine optimization are negative, but they must be used properly.



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