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SEO URL's for the optimal keyword optimization
In order to have a website that is ranked high, one must understand at least the basics of what URL and SEO means. Knowing this will save you time spent on a website that is going nowhere and the money associated with promoting your site.

What is URL?
URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. But what does that mean? What it means is that this is the actual, readable portion of a web address; such as One way to get a higher ranking on Google and other search engines is to make your URL the same as your product. For example, if you are selling green apples something like would work very well for you. But as anyone who has tried to set up a website will tell you, URLs that are original are not always easy to come up with. Luckily we have SEO tools to help us.

The technique of creating a great URL
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and as it meaning implies it is all about getting listed higher in the search engines with SEO and search engines one of the most powerful tools are keywords and keyword phrases. A keyword is a word that people will use in a search engine while a keyword phrase is a string of keywords strung together. For example if someone was looking for a new car motor a possible search they would input into a search engine might be "New Engine good deals." You could use this as your keyword phrase for SEO. Search engines such as Google and Bing have tools that let you see what keyword phrases are trending. So if you wanted to cater to the new engine needers on the internet, might just be what the doctor ordered; if it is not taken. When you are choosing an SEO based URL you must keep the following in mind:

  • You may use hyphens to separate words. You will not be allowed to use underscores or spaces.

  • Internet Explorer will not let you use more than 2,000 characters. Truthfully, any longer than 20 characters is a waste, and even that is probably too many.

  • Your URL should make sense and be relevant to your product, service or internet content.

  • Making a URL name that is as close as possible to your product or service means that the text is closely associated with the hyperlink when back linking. What this means is that is really about old hats and it saves a lot on typing.

Go create your own SEO URL
Hopefully this fires the imagine some and you will feel the need to run your own keyword search for a keyword tool and get started down the road to promoting your site in the most efficient way possible.


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