What is Google Places?

Google Places: Get your shop on Google maps

If own a business, whether it is a brick-and-mortar establishment or a virtual store, then you'll want to know about Google Places, because now, this world-famous Internet giant has combined its popular Google Maps feature to let everyone, from potential customers to those who have been loyal to you for ages, about your business, and all in one convenient location. While some see this page as a kind of Internet business listing, it is so much more, and depending on how you use it, this page can be a tool for you to make the most of your business and its advertising.

Can be used by everyone
Google Places is unique and has dozens of advantages for both business owners and customers. Using their maps feature as a springboard, Google created a massive never-before-seen database that gathers a numbers of details about your business, such as the e-mail address, phone number, and even the URL of your business Web site. 
It then uploads these details about your business and establishes a Places page for it.

This is a boon for you as a business owner because through this feature, you can claim your place page and then fine tune it with extra details that will attract potential customers who are surfing the community. 
For example, if you own a Web site that sells organic food for pets, you can write a short SEO article about your product, what forms of payments you accept, and even about details such as shipping and returns. 
If you're talented at taking pictures and making videos, you can even upload these to your Google Places site so that people can see all the benefits of your product or business. When it comes to advertising, there's no better way to get your business place and name out there. 
The more you work on your Places page, the higher up in the rankings your business will climb.

Free of costs
Advertising your business can be expensive, but Google Places can help. Since customers are allowed to leave reviews of your business on the site, you can ask some of your best customers to leave you positive reviews. 
This will let others who look at your page know that other people have used your product or service and recommend it. Reviews like this are highly important when it comes to business competition, and the more positive reviews you can garner, the better. 
This amazing hybrid of Google Maps and a complete business database can help your small business grow, no matter where you live. 

Get started right now
You can go to Google places, and create you location right: here

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